7 Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples to Push Your Ad Campaign in 2023

Anu Malra
5 min readMar 24, 2023


7 Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples to Push Your Ad Campaign in 2023

Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to promote their products and services. As of February 2023, Instagram has over 1.3 billion users. Instagram advertising is one of the fastest methods to introduce and popularize your brand/business globally.

Integration of Instagram ads is a potent part of complete digital branding solutions. However, to increase your chances of conversions, you must have impeccable and best Instagram ads that resonate with your audiences. This blog will introduce you to key elements of the best ads on Instagram. Dive in to discover some of this page’s most inspiring and creative Instagram ad examples.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have an idea of what constructs a compelling ad.

1. Lego

Lego has given some of the best Instagram ads. The nature of their products is creative, and it becomes even more challenging to represent such a product in an entirely different light. Lego has been able to meet expectations and deliver unique advertisements that match the creativity of its products.

best Instagram ads

In this Instagram ad example, Lego has shared a tweet from their account. The ad raises curiosity with the use of slang and successfully attracts people. Also, it engages people who often publish posts using the “wyd never XYZ” reference.

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. Resonate with a specific audience

b. Target millennials

c. Use of trending memes

d. Also, this ad makes people think about their products.

2. Bevel

Selling men’s products is challenging in itself. Businesses selling products that target men have to focus a great deal to draw users’ attention. This (below) Instagram ad has such an interesting and simple design that it forces an individual to look at the left-hand side. The image of a man shaving and the straightforward tagline and caption is enough to grab people’s attention and direct thought to the main point- do you shave your face with the Bevel?

Best Instagram Ads

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. Precise ad copy

b. Points to a customer’s pain point

c. Use of clever hashtags

3. Febreze

To begin with, the colors used in the ad are soothing and easy on the eyes. The title used in the ad is unique and captivating. Febreze sells air freshening products that they have captured perfectly. Even their ad content is fresh, fun, and delightful.

Best Instagram Ads

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. The motion represented in the ad is simple and fun.

b. The ad has a massive creative element.

c. The ad is clear on the product it is promoting.

d. The ads and the posts published on Febreze have consistent theme colors.

e. The product being promoted is placed in the center boldly.

4. Yeti

Next on our list is Yeti. Yeti sell stainless steel bottles and tumblers. Yeti created this ad on the concept of their new color of drinkware line. The ad below is a perfect example of an essential creative element.

Best Instagram Ads

The video posted by the social account Yeti is eye-catching and shows the entire engraving process, which raises curiosity. This benefits a brand such as Yeti as all its products are constructed with features on mugs and cups.

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. Engaging visuals

b. Short-form video ad

c. Highly-engaging content

5. Moleskine

Fifth on the list is Moleskine. Moleskine is an Italian company that manufactures quality journals, notebooks, books, bags, and other stationary items. They are famous for their quality ideas and impeccably made notebooks with leather covers. The brand has launched many ad campaigns earlier to capture young graphic artists. They have some of the unique and best Instagram story ad examples, too. This ad references a 2022 product launch campaign promoting an innovative writing system that transfers handwritten notes from paper to the screen.

Best Instagram Ads

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. It represents the product

b. The ad captures the vibe of the season- summer. (The ad was released in the summer 2022)

c. Ad has a clear CTA

d. Text is concise in nature

6. Blue Apron

Blue Apron runs a meal-delivery service business. The competition in the food industry is intense, especially in the food delivery system. In such a tough competition, creating engaging ad content is a must!

Best Instagram Ads

The Blue Apron has some of the best Instagram ad examples. In the ad, Blue Apron shares a carousel of images showing the meal preparation process. The high-quality photos show the kind of mouthwatering meals that can are created with Blue Apron’s boxes.

Key Takeaways from this ad:

a. High-quality visuals

b. Capturing caption

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of an Instagram ad example hope you are ready to create engaging and click-worthy Instagram ads.

Instagram ads require a budget, and you must make the most of it. Having an expert agency by your side can enhance your overall ad campaign development process. If you want help with Instagram ads creation, go for a skilled digital branding solutions agency.



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