5 Ways You Can Utilize Facebook for Marketing

Anu Malra
4 min readAug 9, 2022

Facebook has earned the reputation of being one of the oldest and most credible medium for marketing. Nearly 1.62 billion people browse Facebook daily- a lot, a lot.

The giant social network still enjoys the “chair of social media sites”; people use it to interact daily with relatives or friends. It is a great source to know what’s happening in an old classmate’s life or a senior colleague. Without any communication or effort, you can get an insight into someone’s life (which they like to share, of course).

Over the last many years, Facebook has grown into a business marketing channel. Big and small brands use Facebook to interact with customers and target audiences and to convey qualities or important announcements regarding their products.

Self-promotion has become easier because of Facebook. Now any local shops, cafes, or restaurants- do not need traditional marketing methods. All they need to do is open a Facebook account and create a business page. You are available in the business market.

Listen carefully, whether you are a big corporation or a small business owner, or even if you are starting. You need to invest a great deal of time and money (as well) in Facebook marketing to stay in the competition; ahead or not depends on your overall efforts.

Through this article, we’ll guide you on how you can start doing Facebook marketing.

A. Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Realize the potential of a Facebook business page and utilize it as much as you can. A Facebook page is a free (yup, except the ads you might choose) marketing tool through which you can display your business services and products. To begin with, you can customize your page as you like and share images of your products, links, etc. In the initial times, you can use your Facebook page to establish your brand and solidify your business vision.

B. Facebook Advertising — the Classic

Advertising is a traditional way of promoting your business, and when combined with Facebook, it can provide extraordinary results. Facebook offers its kind of ads, shown on the side columns.

Facebook ads typically include a title with a fine and compelling content copy, an image, and a click-through link. Some of the features of Facebook advertising are;

  1. Built-in ad performance measurement tool
  2. The freedom to set aside ad budget
  3. Demographic targeting by Facebook users based on data, age, location, etc. and
  4. The ability to advertise your particular area.

Using Facebook ads to increase your likes and page reach seems a reasonable, great idea, and easy option. Facebook does not put its ads CTR for public display, so evaluating its real value is challenging. According to WordStream, Facebook ads generally have a CTR of 0.051% and an average CPC of $0.80.

C. Facebook Contests

Social media contests are an exciting and engaging way of attracting users to your business. It’s another popular method of increasing brand awareness and business page reach. Many brands do it now and then. Keep in mind that to hold a Facebook contest, you need a third-party app; there are plenty of free tools available- you can pick from.

D. Promoted Posts

You can pay a flat rate to get Facebook to promote your post. Initially, you will require the push to get as many likes as possible. With Facebook-promoted posts, you can target a specific number of people; you’ll have control over your posts.

You might wonder, “why do I need to pay extra to get my posts seen by my page followers.” There is little to no possibility that every single page follower gets to see every content posted. There is no guarantee that whatever content you post gets seen by your business page followers.

This is where Facebook marketing comes into the big picture. Promoted posts increase your chances of getting seen by the maximum number of followers. It would help if you heightened your opportunity for recognition as much as possible; our advice is to extract as much benefit as possible from Facebook-promoted posts.

E. Facebook Sponsored Stories

Yet another great way to get likes and increase business page reach. Facebook sponsored stories display user interaction and engagement levels on every post. Facebook stories are similar to the “word of mouth” marketing concept; if a user comes across a page that his friends like, chances are that he’ll pay more attention to it than the one with no known likes.

For a startup, going into full swing with sponsored stories and ads as a part of a social media marketing strategy can drive extraordinary results. Even Facebook has claimed that sponsored stories perform better than regular average posts. According to Facebook, sponsored stories have 46% higher CTRs and 20% lower CPCs.

To Sum it Up

Facebook marketing is for sure a better way to kick-start your marketing strategy. Facebook is an integral part of social media marketing strategy- every business includes Facebook as a priority as it holds significance. Woosper is a digital marketing agency having expertise in Facebook marketing.

Our marketers are pros in every social network; we can assist you or help you throughout the marketing process. If you need to know more or have any questions in mind, get in touch with us.



Anu Malra

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